Featured Case Studies

Material Qualification through TML Certicates (Advising on Specification Writing)

A local manufacturer of precision products, and a repeat customer of Trinity Metals Lab, requested that TML review their specification that covers impact testing of materials used in their products. The manufacturer was looking for review of the specification?s content for completeness and accuracy. One of TML's certificates was included in the specification as an exhibit meeting the documentation requirements of the specification. (The specification requirements are particular to that manufacturer and consistent with the reporting requirements of ISO 17025, under which TML is accredited).

Sorting Mixed Heats through Hardness & Chemistry Testing

One customer, a local materials supplier, came to Trinity Metals Laboratory for help in sorting out materials that may have been from mixed heats of the same alloy. Nine samples were cut from bar ends and sent for hardness and chemical composition testing. From the hardness tests our customer confirmed what their customers had said: that the bars were too hard. From the chemical composition testing our customer determined that the bars were all from the same heat. The customer called Trinity Metals Lab to express his thanks for the help in identifying the material, and stated that he would remember the friendly and timely service he received.

Hardness Testing Assembly

The Trinity Metals Laboratory was recently asked to do hardness testing on an aluminum assembly. The assembly arrived partially disassembled on a flat-bed trailer. The qualified staff of the Metals Lab performed a series of hardness tests on and around several welds as requested by our customer, who used the data in calculations. They responded with the following statement:

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you both, for going out of your way to accommodate our slightly unusual test request. Using the results of the hardness tests, we were able to make a comparative study of the hardness of various areas of the parts. After further analysis, we feel the parts are suitable for the intended use. Without the data you provided, we probably would have scrapped parts worth about $15,000.00. Your prompt and professional service saved our company a great deal of money and time.