Welcome to Trinity Metals Lab

Physical and Chemical Metallurgical Testing Services are our specialty! Our skilled craftsmen, technicians, and engineers provide quality services that meet applicable industry, military or governmental criteria and standards.

Our Services:

Mechanical Testing
Tensile Test; Bend Test; Charpy Impact test
Hardness Testing: Brinell, Rockwell, Rockwell Superficial
Hardness surveys: VICKERS, KNOOP, Rockwell superficial
Fastener Testing
Bolt Tensile test
Bolt Wedge Tensile test
Bolt Proof test
Nut Proof Load test
Carburization/Decarburization (SAE J121 & ASTM A574)
Welding Procedure /Performance Qualification/Production testing
(Cross-weld tensile; bends- root/face,side; Charpy impact - weld,
Heat-Affected Zone)
Macroetching & Microetching
Grain Size determination
Case depth determination
Microhardness testing
Digital Photography
Coating Thickness determination
Analysis of steels using Optical Emission Spectroscopy